FROM JANUARY THROUGH SEPTEMBER 2018, U.S. BEEF AND BEEF VARIETY MEAT EXPORTS TOTALED JUST MORE THAN 1 MILLION METRIC TONS. EXPORT VALUE REACHED $6.2 BILLION, 18 PERCENT ABOVE THE PREVIOUS YEAR’S RECORD PACE. ON A PER-HEAD BASIS, EXPORT VALUE PER FED STEER AND HEIFER SLAUGHTERED AVERAGED $321, UP 16 PERCENT FROM THE SAME PERIOD IN 2017, ACCORDING TO THE UNITED STATES MEAT EXPORT FEDERATION (USMEF). USMEF U.S. Beef: Enjoying a Larger Cut Worldwide RESULTS USMEF contributed to the foreign outreach efforts that aided in driving a 9% increase in U.S. Beef exports year-over-year + 18% increase in export value vs. previous year’s record pace + 5 5 *Figures based on USDA data compiled by the U.S. Meat Export Federation. F O R E I G N M A R K E T I N G