USMEF RESULTS 15% improvement in consumer beef demand at retail since 2012* + Retail Beef Demand Index: The Highest in SixYears RETAIL MEAT CASE SALES OF BEEF FOR JANUARY THROUGH MAY 2018, COMPARED TO A YEAR AGO, HAVE INCREASED 7.5 PERCENT IN DOLLARS AND 5.2 PERCENT IN POUNDS. THE AVERAGE RETAIL PRICE IN 2018 IS 2.2 PERCENT HIGHER. STRONG GROUND BEEF SALES HAVE BEEN THE PRIMARY DRIVER BEHIND THE HIGHER TOTAL BEEF SALES.* 7 7 *Source: Tonsor, Schroeder, Creating and Assessing Candidate Food Service and Retail Beef Demand Indices, January 2017. IRI/Freshlook, Total US MULO ending 7/1/18; categorized by VMMeat System. R E S E A R C H