STEAK SATISFACTION REMAINS STRONG Taste has always been the most important factor for consumers when deciding what to eat for dinner. The results of the Beef Checkoff’s March 2018 Steak Satisfaction Tracker show this continues to be the main driving factor in beef purchases. AMERICAN HEART ASSOCIATION®–CERTIFIED RECIPES AT BEEFITSWHATSFORDINNER.COM The Beef Checkoff program and its Nutrient Database Improvement (NDI) initiative in recent years supplied the USDA National Nutrient Database for Standard Reference with accurate and contemporary beef nutrient information. These updates reflect the continued improvement in beef’s lean profile, as well as the increased availability of “lean,” and even “extra lean,” beef cuts. As a result, nine “extra lean” cuts of beef carry the American Heart Association Heart-Check Certification, and in the last six months, the number of certified recipes has doubled. The recipes and cuts can be found on NCBA RESULTS 20 beef recipes are now certified by the AHA + NCBA RE SULTS 87% of consumers rated their most recent steak experience as 4 or 5 stars* + *According to 2018 Steak Statisfaction Tracker. RESEARCH 20