CONSUMER BEEF TRACKER Over the last year, the market research team at NCBA, a contractor to the Beef Checkoff, has refined and launched a new Consumer Beef Tracker, replacing the former Consumer Beef Index (CBI) and Consumer Image Index (CII). Data from this tracker showed that 65 percent of consumers felt positive about beef, with another 23 percent feeling neutral, and only 12 percent feeling negative about beef overall. Similar to what has been seen historically, ‘was great tasting’ is the top thing consumers considered when making a meal decision. THE ROLE OF CATTLE IN SUSTAINABLE FOOD SYSTEMS A new publication discussing beef’s role in a healthy, sustainable diet was in the July/August 2018 issue of Nutrition Today. Livestock produces more than one-third of the world’s protein, and ruminant animals have the unique capacity to upcycle human- inedible feedstuffs into high-quality protein. By being a part of the global food system, livestock enhances the sustainability of other food production and industries. This article was one of the top two articles downloaded from Nutrition Today in 2018. NCBA NCBA