BEEF SAFETY RESEARCH AND POSITIVE IMPACT Beef Checkoff-funded post-harvest beef safety research activities administered by the Foundation for Meat and Poultry Research and Education (FMPRE), a contractor to the Beef Checkoff, resulted in the completion of five major research projects and the initiation of seven research projects addressing critical knowledge gaps. The microbial threat is constantly evolving. Beef Checkoff investments support research to improve the safety of beef products, and ultimately, drive demand by building and enhancing consumer trust. Without a doubt, the Beef Checkoff-funded research has saved lives and been instrumental in preventing numerous foodborne illnesses. Producers and their Checkoff leaders should take pride in their legacy of a positive impact on public health, now and for years to come. FMPRE RESULTS 7 research projects have been initiated on critical topics including antimicrobial and pathogenic interventions, beef export safety and more + BEEF SUBSTITUTE SALES AT RETAIL Research showed beef substitutes make up about one percent of market share. While beef substitute sales increased at a 25 percent annual rate over the past year, their $53 million sales increase was dwarfed by the $1.24 billion increase in beef sales. NCBA BEEF $25,412,971,693 98.98% * BEEF SUBSTITUTES $261,194,360 1.02% * *Source: IRI, Refrigerated/Frozen Meat Substitutes, 52 weeks ending 6/16/18; IRI/ Freshlook, Total US MULO ending 5/28/18; Categorized by VMMeat System. RESEARCH 22