More Bang Per Buck That’s always been the unwavering purpose of the Beef Checkoff program: to make every dollar go to work as a strong ambassador for beef, to maximize the presence of beef across all markets, to uphold and celebrate our standards of quality — and above all else, drive demand. The Beef Checkoff is the voice our farms and ranches need to defend, protect and promote, and I am proud to serve as a voice for our livelihood. In 2018, in conjunction with beef contractors, the Beef Checkoff has: helped attract new celebrities and famous chefs to promote beef; developed new recipes to reach more consumers; updated standards for health and safety; and as always, embraced the latest technologies to boost our long-held traditions. As a result of these efforts, millions have been reached stateside and worldwide across numerous channels — both digital and traditional — to ensure the consumption and perception of beef remains stronger than ever. Beef continues to be steadfastly versatile, nutritious and above all, delicious. So keep raising beef with pride – and together our dollars will continue to support the life we love. JOAN RUSKAMP Cattlemen’s Beef Board Chairman