b'APRIL 2019Retail Beef Demand is Up Not only are consumers eating By: Chuck Co ey, Cattlemens Beef Board Chairmanmore beef, theyre At the Beef Checko , our e orts amountWhat does all this mean for beef producers?choosing higher to a primary goal: drive greater demandMy wife and I own about 1,000 head of for beef. As I enter my term as chair of thecattle in our cow-calf operation in Southernquality beef.Cattlemens Beef Board, Im very pleased toOklahoma, and I know that our pro tability announce that beef demand has risen by 15depends on increased consumer demand. percent since 2012. Demand has remainedWhen a consumer or a chef chooses beef CHUCK COFFEY strong, and consumers are regularly visitingover another protein, it bene ts our entire the meat case at their local grocery stores. 1 industryfrom ranchers to feeders toChairman, That fact is due, in no small part, to beefgrocery store butchersand everyoneCattlemens Beef Boardfarmers and ranchers like you and me.in-between. Not only are consumers eating Weve worked hard to produce even bettermore beef, theyre choosing higher quality beef over the past 10 years, and our workbeef. Why? Because more cattle are grading is paying odividends at the cash registerhigher than ever before.1 IRI/Freshlook retail sales data is available with 5-6 as consumers purchase more USDA ChoiceWhether its a homecooked meal or aneyears of history, hence, the January 2012 starting date and Prime cuts. Demand is also strong in thedining dish, consumers clearly want beeffor these indices. restaurant industry with 97 percent of foodon their plates. With beef supply on the2 2017 Usage and Volumetric Assessment of Beef in service establishments reporting beef andupswing and consumer demand increasing,Foodservice studybeef dishes on their menus. 2 the beef industry is gaining momentum3 USDA ERS Livestock & Meat Domestic Data; USDA with no signs of slowing down in 2019. 3WASDE 7/12/18 .Join the Conversation!EMAIL: beefboard@beefboard.org'