b'Beef Exports.88Add Value$42 $8 10 8 .5. JAPANto Producers2 1 2 S. KOREA$2018 EXPORT VALUE MEXICONinety-six percent of the worlds population lives outside of the U.S. To$320.50 CHINA & HONG KONG$reach beyond the U.S. consumer, a portion38 CANADAof Beef Checkofunds are earmarked for. 1the U.S. Meat Export Federation whose2 price per head of fed cattle* TAIWANgoal is to represent U.S. beef in the global5 OTHERSmarketplace. In October 2018, the export$ . 8value of per head fed cattle slaughtered2 9 6 6totaled $320.50.*.3 5 $$40.70CANADAJAPANS. KOREACHINA & HONG KONG MEXICOTAIWAN*Allgures based on USDA data compiled by the U.S. Meat Export Federation'