b'The Role of Qualified State Beef CouncilsBeef producers represent the largest segment of Americas agriculture industry and are the very heart of the Beef Checkoprogram. But how do the dollars make their way to fund national and state programs? It starts in your state. There are 44 Quali ed State Beef Councils (QSBCs).States may opt to invest a portion of their 50 cents inYour QSBC collects $1 on each head of cattle every time it is sold. national programs through participation in the Federation of State Beef Councils. Fifty cents of that dollar goes directly to the Cattlemens BeefAccording to the Beef Promotion and Research Order, the term Board for national programs, and up to 50 cents is retained byQuali ed State Beef Council is any beef promotion entity that is your state beef council. authorized by State statute or is organized and operating within aIn the six states without state councils, assessments gostate, that receives assessments or contributions from producers directly to the Beef Board. and conducts beef promotion, research, consumer informationEach state beef council determines how to invest theand/or industry information programs.remaining 50 cents per head in the approved state or nationalThe council must meet several criteria as outlined by the Act and checkoprograms. the Order. For more information, visit BeefBoard.org.STATE UNITS FOR BEEF BOARD MEMBERSHIPThe volunteer board members responsible for making decisions about your checkodollars at both the state and national levels are checko -paying cattle farmers, ranchers and importers. That means producers are responsible for directing, reviewing and approving expenditure of all checkodollars. Producers are nominated to serve on the Beef Board, but do you know how many members are in each state? COMBINED STATE UNIT GROUPS**Mid-Atlantic UnitSoutheast UnitNorthwest UnitEVERY 500,000 CATTLE IN A STATE = 1 SEAT ON THE BEEF BOARDNortheast Unit**State unit groups allow smaller producing states to combine for a seat or seats on the Cattlemens Beef Board. Southwest Unit'